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Εικόνα πιστοποίησης ΕΣΠΑ Ψηφιακή Δράση

APC s.a. participated in the Seafood Expo Global, which took place in Barcelona from April 22nd to 25th, 2024.

The Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global is the worldwide exhibition of seafood products attended by professionals and buyers from all over the world. This year's event was the largest in its history, with over 2,000 exhibitors from 87 different countries.

The new EU regulation for fisheries control, approved by the plenary of the European Parliament, include the following measures:

According to the new rules, all vessels must have monitoring devices allowing national authorities to locate and identify them at regular intervals. Some small coastal fishing vessels can be exempted from this requirement until 2030, and all small coastal fishing fleets will have up to four years to comply with the new regulations.

All fishing activities will be monitored, and catches will be reported electronically to ensure complete traceability, within a renewed fisheries control system.

The new EU legislation will contribute to gathering more accurate data, enabling better management of marine resources. All EU vessels, without exception, must digitally record and report their catches, including fishing logbooks, landing declarations, and sales notes. Captains of fishing vessels under 12 meters will be able to submit a simplified declaration at the end of the day once their vessels are safely in port and before unloading.

For the first time, recreational vessels engaged in amateur fishing will also have to report their catches through electronic systems established by national authorities or the Commission.

  • Harmonization of Penalties and Tolerance Margins

The regulation will address existing significant differences between EU countries concerning penalties. The value of the fishery products caught by a vessel will be the criterion for the minimum level of fines in case of serious rule violations.

The "tolerance margin" meaning the difference between the estimated catches and their weight at the port of landing, will be set at 10% per species, with some exceptions for small-volume catches and specific species.

  • Ensuring Landing Obligation and Traceability Along the Supply Chain

To ensure compliance with the landing obligation, EU vessels 18 meters and above due to high risk of non-compliance must have onboard remote electronic monitoring systems, including closed-circuit cameras, no later than four years after the legislation comes into effect.

Those involved in fishing activities must maintain information throughout the entire supply chain, from sea to plate: from the first transaction to the retail stage of fishery and aquaculture products. Complete digital traceability of fish and their derivatives aims to enhance food safety, ensure fair competition, and combat illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing.

  • Next Steps

Once officially approved by the Council of Fisheries Ministers, the regulation will come into effect 20 days after its publication in the Official Journal of the EU. However, the various measures will be implemented gradually, providing member states and fishing fleets with sufficient time to adapt.

At the AQUACULTURE EUROPE 2023 conference organized by the European Aquaculture Association (EAS) in Vienna from 18-21/2023 (https://aquaeas.org/Meeting/AE2023), APC SA participated with two (2) scientific presentations, which you can find on pages 1449-1450 and 1452-1453 of the proceedings (https://eposters.blob.core.windows.net/eas-eposters/AE2023AbstractBook.pdf).



Here you can also find the related e-poster: https://aquaeas.org/PosterViewer/Home/Index/2410613


Many thanks to the University of Patras, all partners, and everyone who contributed to the successful implementation of the above projects.

APC S.A. contributes to corporate social and environmental responsibility initiatives, supporting actions related to the restoration of the critically endangered mollusk specie Pinna nobilis, coordinated by the University of Patras (Associate Professor Dr. Ioannis Theodorou).

In light of the encouraging data from the summer of 2022, when living Pinna individuals were discovered within the framework of the innovative project "Innovative Actions for Monitoring-Recovery-Assistance of the Threatened Species (Pinna) Pinna nobilis," funded by the Operational Program "Fisheries and Maritime Affairs" 2014-2020 (MIS 5052394), the University of Patras, with the goal of continuing the effort to aid the recovery of the species (repopulation), decided to proceed with a renewed search and collection of young Pinna individuals in specific marine areas of Greece during the second half of 2023.

In this significant endeavor, APC provided financial support to acquire a portion of the broodstock deployed in Western Greece. Additionally, APC S.A. mobilized companies in the field of marine aquaculture to offer additional sponsorships for the procurement of necessary equipment by the University of Patras, facilitating the execution of the aforementioned sampling, which, as mentioned, constitutes the essential first step in assisting the repopulation of Pinna. The response from the companies was satisfactory, demonstrating that the marine aquaculture sector can and should contribute tangibly and consistently to the promotion of biodiversity protection, actively supporting the sustainability of marine ecosystems and beyond.

We would like to announce that APC s.a. proceeded to the creation of the new version (2023) of the MAP OF MARINE AQUACULTURE UNITS IN GREECE, which shows the current situation and spatial planning of the aquaculture sector, which is a pillar of development of the primary sector in the country's reconstruction effort.

We hope that this map will help all stakeholders.

The article “Value Chain for Non-Indigenous Bivalves in Greece: A Preliminary Survey for the Pearl Oyster Pinctada imbricata radiata", with the participation of APC S.A. was published in the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (J. Mar. Sci. Eng. 2023, 11, 95). The article investigates through an integrated survey, for the first time in Greek shellfish market, the marketing distribution towards a new edible shellfish product that of the non-indigenous pearl oyster Pinctada imbricata radiata.

This research was a part of the project “Commercial exploitation of the pearl oyster Pinctada imbricata radiata by adding value through the development of processed products” (MIS 5010850) funded by the Greek Operational Programme for Fisheries and Sea 2014-2020.

Link: https://www.mdpi.com/2077-1312/11/1/95 

The STARFISH 4.0 Program received the award for the best project in the category "Sustainable fisheries, aquaculture and coastal community development", at the 3rd WestMed Stakeholder Conference, Rome November 2021.

The event was organized by the WestMed Initiative in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and attracted around 300 participants and 30 expert speakers.

APC attended the event and received the award for the STARFISH 4.0 Program which it implements in collaboration with CLS and ECR companies.




EMODnet (European Marine Observation and Data Network) is a platform developed by EU to help professionals and citizens who "operate" in sea, as well as public authorities and researchers, so to have information on many aspects of the marine environment, such as depth, biology, chemistry, geology, human activities, physics, biodiversity and seabed ecosystems.

One of the sectors that has an absolute and constant need for reliable elements of the marine environment is aquaculture.

In this context, EU created a video to promote EMODnet to aquaculture operators. The video also features the President of APC s.a. Nikos Anagnopoulos, who is a member of the EMODnet experts development team, regarding the aquaculture sector.

Watch the video and consider putting EMODnet in the daily operation of your aquaculture unit.



APC s.a. has completed the preparation of the Multiannual National Strategic Plan for the Development of Aquaculture of the country for the new programming period 2021 - 2027, which was received by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.


This Plan includes all the actions and interventions for the sustainable development of the aquaculture sector and is a basis for the financing of the sector in the Operational Program for Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture (EMFFA) 2021 - 2027 that will be implemented.


It will soon be on public consultation.


The preparation of a study for the revision / updating of the Multi-annual National Strategic Plan for the development of aquaculture in the new programming period 2021 - 2027 was assigned by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food to APC s.a.

This period (and especially the years 2021 - 2023) is crucial for the sector, as very important credits will be available from EMFF 2014 - 2020, EMFFA 2021 - 2027 and the Recovery Fund, which require an improved management system and a radically reformed institutional framework to support entrepreneurship.

The assignment of the project to APC s.a. is a recognition of the long-standing and in-depth knowledge of the industry and a prelude to the planning of a sustainable development of aquaculture in the country.

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APC s.a. is a consulting firm, based in Athens, engaged with the provision of services for developmental and spatial planning, environmental issues, implementation of investment plans, and planning, management and evaluation of National and EU programs.

APC s.a. specializes in the sectors of fisheries and aquaculture, rural and regional development and marine environment.


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