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The Begining

APC s.a. was founded as the advancement of APC Ltd, established in 1994. Activities included initially the conduction of studies and reports necessary for the licensing of aquaculture farms, of feasibility studies for inclusion in development and sectoral programs, and also the provision of technical consultancy services to Public authorities.

Undertaking of Supporting Studies for the Special Framework of Spatial Planning for aquaculture in Greece

We undertake the conduction of Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment Study and of supporting study for the establishment of Special Framework of Spatial Planning for aquaculture in Greece, which was established later in November 2011.

Entering in Quality Management Systems

We make a dynamic entry in the field of food companies support for the implementation and certification of Quality Management Systems (HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, OHSAS, GLOBALG.A.P.) undertaking Technical assistance for development of Qulaity Management Systems for SELONDA Group.

Greek Operational Program for Fisheries 2007-2013

We undertake the project of Technical Advisor for the Specification of Common Ministerial Decision and Calls for measures in the framework of Operational Program for Fisheries 2007-2013, concerning Aquaculture and fish food processing and trading sectors.

Agreement in food sector

Expertise to the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board for supporting the implementation of Managing Plans for the promotion of fresh Mediterranean species of aquaculture and frozen fishing products.

Consultant regarding Directive 2008/56/EC

Technical consultant to the National Special Secretariat for Water for the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2008/56/EC.

Fish fauna study

Surveillance and assessment of the conservation status of fish fauna species of Community interest in Greece.

Cooperation in United Arab Emirates

We sign a MOU with Advanced National Aquaculture and Fisheries (ANAF) of United Arab Emirates and the Norwegian AKVA Group.

Innovation in Aquaculture

Implementation of an innovative pilot project for the use of copper alloy in fish cages.

Project on small-scale coastal fisheries

Implementation of a communal program on the problems and organisation of small-scale coastal fisheries in the Eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Cyprus, Malta). - EastMedFishersEU

Midterm evaluation of Multiannual National Program for Aquaculture Development

The purpose of the mid-term evaluation was to record the progress of the program and implement targeted remedial measures for the development of aquaculture in Greece in the framework of the 2014-2020 Programming Period.

Preparation of National Aquaculture Development Program

The National Aquaculture Development Program includes national objectives for the development of aquaculture, as well as measures to address contemporary industry problems, new market challenges and competition at European and international level.

Technical consultant to marketing campaigns

APC works as technical consultant for Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organisation (HAPO) and Panhellenic Business Association of Frozen Foods, regarding their marketing and product promotion campaigns.

Fish Farm Unit support in the Emirate of Fujairah

Control, recording and evaluation of the floating and terrestrial installations of the unit, as an evaluation of the production processes used was also carried out.


Presentation and testing of an innovative autonomous device for small scale fisheries. The project is implemented in cooperation with CLS and ECR, and was selected for funding through EASME - EMFF.

Multiannual National Strategic Aquaculture Plan 2021-2027

Expertise study to review and update the Multiannual Greek Strategic Plan for Aquaculture Development for the new programming period 2021-2027

Cooperation with Chamber of Thesprotia

Technical consultant of the Chamber of Thesprotia for the financing and successful implementation of the project “Promotion program of Thesprotia’s marine aquaculture products”

Special Environmental Study for Natura 2000 sites

APC s.a. is responsible for assessing data and information concerning hydrology and water quality, oceanographic parameters and fauna (marine mammals, fish, marine invertebrates, marine reptiles) and marine habitat types, for implementing the project "Special Environmental Study and Management Plan for Natura 2000 sites of the Region of Central Macedonia, Greece”.

About Us

APC s.a. is a consulting firm, based in Athens, engaged with the provision of services for developmental and spatial planning, environmental issues, implementation of investment plans, and planning, management and evaluation of National and EU programs.

APC s.a. specializes in the sectors of fisheries and aquaculture, rural and regional development and marine environment.


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