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Εικόνα πιστοποίησης ΕΣΠΑ Ψηφιακή Δράση

Action «Digital Step»

The enterprise APC S.A. based in Attiki region, has joined the Action “Digital Step” with a total budget of 84 million €. The Action aims at the digital upgrading of very small, small and medium - sized enterprises.

The investment’s total budget is 9.696,40 € out of which 4.848,20 € is public expenditure. The Action is co-financed by Greece and the European Union - European Regional Development Fund.

The approved subsidised Business Plan includes investments in the following categories:
  • Procurement and installation of ICT equipment
  • Software for office applications, web development, etc.
  • Digital services (Digital advertising, e –security certifications, data entry and transfer etc.)

Through the participation in the Action, the enterprise achieved:
  • Competitiveness improvement
  • Increase of profitability
  • Reinforcement of an extrovert business profile
  • Enhancement of entrepreneurship
  • Maintenance of high quality job positions

The support of EPAnEK proved beneficial, not only for the enterprise but also for the competitiveness of the national as well as the local economy.

You can find the relevant file here.

About Us

APC s.a. is a consulting firm, based in Athens, engaged with the provision of services for developmental and spatial planning, environmental issues, implementation of investment plans, and planning, management and evaluation of National and EU programs.

APC s.a. specializes in the sectors of fisheries and aquaculture, rural and regional development and marine environment.


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