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04 Jan 2023

Publication of article for pearl oyster Pinctada imbricata radiata

The article “Value Chain for Non-Indigenous Bivalves in Greece: A Preliminary Survey for the Pearl Oyster Pinctada imbricata radiata", with the participation of APC S.A. was published in the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (J. Mar. Sci. Eng. 2023, 11, 95). The article investigates through an integrated survey, for the first time in Greek shellfish market, the marketing distribution towards a new edible shellfish product that of the non-indigenous pearl oyster Pinctada imbricata radiata.

This research was a part of the project “Commercial exploitation of the pearl oyster Pinctada imbricata radiata by adding value through the development of processed products” (MIS 5010850) funded by the Greek Operational Programme for Fisheries and Sea 2014-2020.

Link: https://www.mdpi.com/2077-1312/11/1/95 

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